We Offer Wheel Alignments In Adelaide For All Makes & Models

Why are wheel alignments important?

When tyre’s and wheels are out of alignment, a number of problems can develop within a vehicle’s systems. When the alignment is really bad, it’s easy to tell as you drive. The vehicle will pull one way or the other. In other words, if you let go of the steering wheel and the vehicle immediately steers to the left or right, there’s a good chance that there’s an issue with your wheel alignment.

Misalignment may also cause vibration that you’ll feel especially in the steering wheel, even if you are going in a straight line. 

SImply put, proper wheel alignments allow for safer driving. Wheel alignments will also extend the life of your tyres. Incorrectly aligned wheels are one of the main causes for uneven and/or premature tire wear. Uneven tread wear will decrease the safe driving life of a tire, or in a worst case scenario may damage a tire beyond repair, requiring premature replacement.

When should i get a wheel alignment?

Here is a quick check list as to when you should bring your car in:

  • Is the car turning when you take your hands of the wheel?
  • Does the car make strange sounds while turning?
  • When you look at your car from the outside are the wheels turning in our out while in a straight position on the steering wheel?

If you are experiencing any of the above its time to get your wheel alignment checked by either one of our mechanics or someone else. The main reason is it cause damage to your car, or even cause an accident. 

Why Choose Us?

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  • Branded Materials: Our materials and equipment are all tried and tested leading brands.
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Ashley Kearvell
Ashley Kearvell
Great service and advice..
They did some engine work for me awhile ago and it was great service an work
David Villegas
David Villegas
Very knowledgeable and friendly guys. Help me out a lot with my Ute will definitely recommend them.
Can’t recommend John Moyle enough these guys are trustworthy and honest mechanics fixed my oil leak which numerous mechanics couldn’t. Ben helped me kept me informed with my car and diagnose the problem. I know where to go if I have any mechanical issues thanks.
Paul Benier
Paul Benier
Friendly service,prompt and reasonable priced work.well done guys.
Rhys Manning
Rhys Manning
Great assistance and knowledge from all the boys. Nothing was too hard for them and the finished product was great. Cheers boys.