Does Your Car Need Electronic Tune-ups Adelaide

The History of A Car Tune Up

Before cars became electronic the term “tune-up” was applied to the maintenance operation of replacing the spark plugs, distributor points, inspecting or replacing the cap and rotor and possibly replacing the fuel and air filters.

There were many adjustments to be done on these cars; point gap, ignition timing and idle mixture and so on. This was a preventative maintenance operation that usually needed to be done about every 20,000 – 40,000 kilometers. Which is why you should regularly get your car serviced.

Today’s Car Tune Ups

There are still old cars running around that need the above attention, but with every passing year, there is new technology and new tools to the trade that needs to be learned and mastered. We have been in the industry for 35 plus years and have evolved with it.

Distributors are now gone and even spark plug leads are missing from many applications. Forget those adjustments, the onboard computer handles fuel mixture, timing, and idle speed control. On many of the newer cars, just spark plugs, fuel and air filters and PCV valve remain of the items that we used to consider part of a “tune-up”. Someday the spark plugs may disappear also.

If you are looking for a tune-up of a new or an old car you have come to the right place.

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