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Car services play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and performance of your vehicle. At the core of general car servicing are several key tasks: oil and filter changes, which maintain engine efficiency and longevity; brake inspections, crucial for safety; tire checks and rotations, ensuring even wear and optimal handling; and fluid level assessments, vital for the smooth operation of various systems.

Additionally, services may include battery checks, belt inspections, and comprehensive diagnostics to preempt potential issues.

Regular car services are not just about upkeep; they are a proactive approach to safeguarding the integrity of your vehicle, enhancing its reliability, and ensuring your safety on the road.

This meticulous attention to detail and care is what helps maintain your car’s optimal condition, ultimately contributing to a smoother, safer driving experience and preserving the vehicle’s value over time.

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Car Services

Flywheel facing and lightening



Lathe work

Glass beading

Head facing

Valve grinds



Aluminum welding

Head Facing

Valve Grinds

All Head Repairs

Cam Grinding Lathe Work

Aluminum Welding

Engine Boring

Flywheel Facing


Remove Broken Studs

And more…

Assured Quality With Every Car Service

John Moyle Motor Engineering is equipped with the latest technology and tools so you can be sure of high-quality work and safety standards. If your car looking for car services and repairs Adelaide our team of staff are qualified and experienced.

With over 30 years in the industry and have ongoing training to make sure that they stay on top of techniques and regulations. As members of the RAA, MTA, and ERA we have a high standard to maintain. For more information or a quote, call John Moyle Motor Engineering in Enfield for all your engine servicing and repairs.

If you would like to learn more about John Moyle Motor Engineering please read through our reviews from customers. We take our customer service, our workmanship very seriously. Adelaide is a small place so we make sure every customer is treated with respect and honesty.

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Ashley Kearvell
Ashley Kearvell
Great service and advice..
They did some engine work for me awhile ago and it was great service an work
David Villegas
David Villegas
Very knowledgeable and friendly guys. Help me out a lot with my Ute will definitely recommend them.
Can’t recommend John Moyle enough these guys are trustworthy and honest mechanics fixed my oil leak which numerous mechanics couldn’t. Ben helped me kept me informed with my car and diagnose the problem. I know where to go if I have any mechanical issues thanks.
Paul Benier
Paul Benier
Friendly service,prompt and reasonable priced work.well done guys.
Rhys Manning
Rhys Manning
Great assistance and knowledge from all the boys. Nothing was too hard for them and the finished product was great. Cheers boys.