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Before purchasing a new vehicle it is important to make sure a third-party inspection is conducted to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying. At John Moyle Motor Engineering we can make sure there are no hidden surprises when you purchase your vehicle.

During the pre-purchase inspection, we check:

  • If the car has had any prior accident damage or repair work
  • Flood/water damage
  • That the car has a working odometer and speedo
  • Under the hood, under the body and the interior
  • Road testing, checking for drivability and working safety systems

We will also provide a quote on any car repair work needed to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. Knowing this information can give you better bargaining power or save you from purchasing a dangerous or overpriced vehicle.

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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Adelaide

Why are pre-purchase inspections so important?

Car pre-purchase inspections in Adelaide are crucial for several reasons, especially considering the investment involved in buying a vehicle.

Firstly, they provide an objective assessment of the car’s condition, uncovering any potential mechanical issues, wear and tear, or previous damage that might not be immediately visible. This is particularly important in Adelaide, where climate and local driving conditions can uniquely affect vehicles.

Secondly, these inspections offer peace of mind to the buyer. Knowing that a professional has thoroughly checked the vehicle and identified any concerns can significantly reduce the risk of costly repairs or safety issues down the line. It’s a form of due diligence that protects the buyer from unexpected expenses.

Moreover, in a market like Adelaide’s, where there’s a mix of urban and rural driving conditions, certain aspects of a vehicle might be more prone to wear. A pre-purchase inspection can highlight these specific issues, ensuring the car is fit for the intended use.

Lastly, the inspection can also serve as a powerful negotiating tool. Armed with a detailed report on the car’s condition, buyers can negotiate the price more effectively or ask the seller to make necessary repairs before the purchase.

This process ensures transparency and fairness in the transaction, making it a vital step for any savvy car buyer in Adelaide

Ashley Kearvell
Ashley Kearvell
Great service and advice..
They did some engine work for me awhile ago and it was great service an work
David Villegas
David Villegas
Very knowledgeable and friendly guys. Help me out a lot with my Ute will definitely recommend them.
Can’t recommend John Moyle enough these guys are trustworthy and honest mechanics fixed my oil leak which numerous mechanics couldn’t. Ben helped me kept me informed with my car and diagnose the problem. I know where to go if I have any mechanical issues thanks.
Paul Benier
Paul Benier
Friendly service,prompt and reasonable priced work.well done guys.
Rhys Manning
Rhys Manning
Great assistance and knowledge from all the boys. Nothing was too hard for them and the finished product was great. Cheers boys.

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Frequently asked questions about pre purchase car inspections

A comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection typically includes a detailed assessment of the vehicle’s mechanical condition, as well as its internal and external condition.

This encompasses checks on the

  • Engine
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Transmission
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Braking system
  • Suspension
  • Steering

The inspection also looks for any previous damage, rust, or poor repairs, and evaluates the condition of seat mountings, seat belts, window glass, and mirrors​

We our more than welcome for you to be involved in the process, as we can show you any errors of concern.

The duration of a pre-purchase car inspection can vary depending on the depth of the inspection and the specific vehicle. For comprehensive inspections, it could take several hours, as various aspects of the car need to be evaluated thoroughly.

There are different levels of pre-purchase car inspections available, ranging from basic mechanical inspections to more comprehensive inspections that include checks on the car’s body, chassis, and internal condition. The type of inspection you choose will depend on what aspects of the vehicle you are most concerned about.

After receiving the inspection report, it’s important to thoroughly review all the findings.

If there are any major issues or concerns, you might want to negotiate the price with the seller or ask them to make repairs before finalising the purchase.

It’s also wise to consult with a trusted mechanic or automotive expert if you have any questions about the report’s contents.