Holden Car Service & Repairs Adelaide

Repairs & Services For All Models 

At John Moyle Motor Engineering we service all makes and models, but as we are in Australia the Holden is one of the more popular bought cars. From this, we have done a lot of work on all makes and models of Holden’s.

Now generally there’s no need to visit Holden Service Centre’s to service or repair your Holden. Unless it is under warranty. At John Moyle Motor Engineering we pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge. We use top quality oils fluids and parts meeting Holden specifications or in many cases better. Thus ensuring you maintain the best performance for your vehicle, whilst still maintaining your warranty if you do have one.

We can service all Holden cars from the Barina to the Monaro to the Commodore and even the more workhorse type vehicles like the Colorados and Rodeos. We can provide the following.

  • Log Book Service – We can stamp and follow your Log Book for new Holdens under warranty
  • Yearly Service (15 000 kms) – keep on top of your Holden’s service history
  • 3 Year Service (45 000 kms) & 6 Year Service (90 000 kms)
  • Ultimate Service – the most extensive and comprehensive service possible which is perfect for Holdens which might have missed a few regular services or for second-hand cars
  • 3 in 1 Fuel Injection Service – ensure your Holden’s fuel efficiency and engine performance is working at optimum levels
Holden Car Service & Repairs Adelaide

If you would like to learn more about John Moyle Motor Engineering please read through our reviews from customers. We take our customer service, our workmanship very seriously. Adelaide is a small place so we make sure every customer is treated with respect and honesty. Please read our reviews on Facebook Reviews& Google ReviewsIf you would like to learn more about what services we offer please visit our full list of car services.

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